Elizabeth Indiana High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet for Elizabeth Indiana

Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP)
Community Wireless provides Fast, Dependable High Speed Internet service for homes and businesses in Elizabeth Indiana. In Elizabeth Indiana we have speeds up to 10 Mbps download and upload with usage plans to fit your needs. Speeds are best effort and dependent on your line of site to the towers, Non Line of Site customers can expect speed from 1 to 3 mbps. Which should be fine for Standard Def Netflix.

Is online gaming, Skype, Facebook, Netflix Working From Home, Online School Your thing? Then we have the service for you! Our low latency, high bandwidth plans make it easy to run these applications and so much more.

We are also looking to expand our services in the Elizabeth Indiana area.

If you have land, are at a decent elevation and have neighbors that need a fast dependable service call us today, we can help!

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Big News
Large Project Updates and more

Floyds Knobs
Secondary Fiber Lines are near complete. Expected to be live first part of March.

Elizabeth Obannon - North
Major upgrades have been completed boosting speeds and reliability greatly to the LOS customers! End user upgrades started. New Connection to the tower increased capacity by 10x

Jack Teeple - South
7X's the speed has been upgraded to the Jack Teeple South members!


New Washington - North And East
Major upgrades have been completed boosting speeds and reliability greatly! End user upgrades near complete

Otisco South And East
Major Upgrades have been completed south and east of the Otisco Tower making even the more rural customers FAST and RELIABLE!!

Marysville 360 degree Upgrade
We have super charged the speeds for all LOS customers on the Marysville tower with newest top of the line gear. Non Line of Site customer upgrades coming soon

Charlestown Hospital - Memphis
We have Doubled the capacity to the tower as well as doubled capacity to the Charletown Memphis Area.

Floyds Knobs - Upgrade
Speeds have been increase with 2 new technologies by over 10x's per customer on this tower. Most customers upgrades complete.

Secondary Fiber Connection complete!